Outside School Hours Research Hub


Dr Jennifer Cartmel

Associate Professor

Jennifer Cartmel foreground critical reflection as both a research approach and a tool for professional development. Jennifer’s research contributes to increasing professionalisation across the school-age childcare workforce, working closely with state governments and peak associations to deepen understanding about the features of outside school hours care services. 

Her research about children’s social and emotional wellbeing has expanded to the role as Chief Investigator Education Lead with the Intergenerational Practice Project. Jennifer’s expertise spans the early childhood and middle childhood periods, and she has an extensive professional network spanning policy and practice in children’s services.

Dr Bruce Hurst

Research Fellow

Bruce Hurst has worked on range of research projects relating to children and gender, child and youth consultations, and professionalism in OSHC and early childhood. Bruce’s first and main love in research is seeking children’s perspectives on their OSHC settings. His work draws on post-structural theories of power and knowledge to provoke re-examination of how children are theorised and the implications for practice. In 2014, Bruce won the Freda Cohen Prize for his research work. 

He is also Research Fellow at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne where he works in a part-time capacity. He is the Deputy Chair of the Community Child Care Association, the peak representative body for OSHC in Victoria.

*Preparation of practitioners for children’s services *Policy, curriculum and practice in children’s services *Outside hours school care

Dr Marilyn Casley


Dr Marilyn Casley is a Lecturer in the School of Health Sciences and Social Work at Griffith University. Her research focuses on the knowledge and skills needed by professionals and practitioners for talking with and listening to children (0-18 years). Dr Casley’s doctoral research focused on adult’s ability to understand children’s perspectives. She has a vast amount of experience in consulting and researching with children, child development, inclusive practice, and workforce development for educators and practitioners that work with children and young people.

Dr Casley is renowned for the development of resources and training packages for inclusive practice in early childhood settings and community services. In collaboration with Dr Jennifer Cartmel, she has developed a tool for talking with children and young people on matters that affect them; a tool that was been presented at international and national conferences and forums and which is used in practice by numerous practitioners. Dr Casley and her colleagues have also developed a critical thinking model, that she uses in her teaching and consultancy work.

Her current research project involves conducting a needs analysis on children and young people that are at risk or engaged in substance misuse in the local community. The project involves conversations with and data collection from children and young people , parents and caregivers, government department and non-government agencies for the purpose of developing outreach supports for children and young people at risk of engaging in volatile substance misuse.

Kylie Brannelly


Kylie Brannelly is the Chairperson of the National Outside School Hours Services Alliance. Her experience expands 30 years and includes policy analysis, advocacy, advisory roles to governments, resource development, training, and program evaluation. Kylie has presented her research and other work at both national and international forums.

Kylie’s research interests are focussed on issues related to Outside School Hours Care including contemporary pedagogy, practice and professionalisation. Kylie has recently led the development of Australia’s first Nationally Accredited Certificate III in Outside School Hours Care.

Kylie has facilitated numerous action research projects within the sector over the past 8 years all of which have explored contemporary issues with a view to establishing evidence-based practices. Kylie recognises the significant gap in sector specific research in Australia and has been a strong advocate for research projects.

In 2020, Kylie led the development of two new Outside School Hours Care publications. ‘All About OSHC’ is a National publication which focuses on sector specific practice and issues. This magazine is a catalyst for raising the profile of the OSHC sector through highlighting and sharing practice. The second publication, ‘The Showcase’ is the first OSHC evidence-based publication sharing the outstanding research projects undertaken by teams of dedicated educators across the sector.

Kylie has been regularly engaged by governments to undertake sector specific resourcing projects and has successfully led the development and implementation of a number of resources including My Time, Our Place – Professional Development Program; Physical Activity and Nutrition in OSHC and the Educational Program and Practice in OSHC Qld project.

Research project being conducted by Professor Kylie Smith and Dr Bruce Hurst from The University of Melbourne and Associate Professor Jennifer Cartmel from Griffith University

This research project aims to find out about how Outside School Hours services plan and program for gender equity. Outside School Hours services are unique and we want to understand what these changes mean and look like in practice. The research will do this by asking you to share your perspectives on the practices you employ in your service. It will also ask you about your knowledge and attitudes towards gender equity work with primary age children.