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There are eight vignettes that include descriptions of the practices of educators. A deeper understanding of pedagogical practices helps educators understand and appreciate their roles and responsibilities. Five vignettes have been drawn from the practices of OSHC services in Queensland, Australia.

Suggestions for Use

Guided conversations will encourage educators to focus on the knowledge associated with the principles and practices of OSHC and relate this to their programmes. Educators are encouraged to be reflective about their role. In guided conversations they are supported to discover, build upon and become familiar with practices for working with children and colleagues, families and communities including the school community.  

Overarching questions to guide conversations that involve critical reflection might include: 

Vignette 1 – The Restaurant

Isabel was outside in the loose parts area watching and supervising groups of children play. The loose parts area is populated with re-usable objects like boxes, tyres and construction materials…

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Vignette 2 – The Gecko

Jess works at a pack up and set up service. Part of the daily routine includes educators and children working together to erect all the folding tables they need for…

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Vignette 3 – Adult roles

Ava’s staff team have been thinking about the roles they take up during children’s play. During a planning meeting, one team member, Tyson commented that he has started to take…

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Vignette 4 – Skipping

It was a busy time at Our Place OSHC. The temperature had cooled a little and children were eager to go outside and play. The educators supported children’s play by…

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Vignette 5 – Book Week

Book Week is an exciting time at St Henry Primary School. The school hosts many activities including a fancy dress day where children dress up as characters from their favourite…

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Vignette 6 – The Rope

The children at Heritage Primary School OSHC love the outdoor space. There are many different loose parts and objects that the children can use in their play. The service philosophy…

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Vignette 7 – Caring for Country

Wattle Hill OSHC is located by the river in a country town. The service has access to the sorts of outdoor spaces that are common in many services such as…

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Vignette 8 – Signing in and out

Gigi was excited when her mother arrived to collect her from Central City OSHC. She had soccer training in 30 minutes and was keen to get going. Gigi watched as…

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Invitation: OSHC Research Study

We want to understand what OSHC educators know about children’s mental health and how they currently help children with emotional and behavioural needs.

If you are an Australian OSHC educator who works with primary school-aged children, we invite you to take part in our study.