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Become industry partners in Outside School Hours research. Financing OSH research contributes to a growing research base in an area of international importance. Every OSH research project is significant when there is currently so little. Jennifer and Bruce are available to explore with you any ideas for OSH research and we might work together.

Become a Participant

Become a participant in coming and current projects. We are always looking to learn from manager, coordinators, leaders and educators about what is important in OSH settings. Register your interest with us and we will keep in touch about opportunities to participate in research.

Becoming an OSH Researcher

Consider becoming an OSH researcher. OSH desperately needs more researchers. Carving a path in OSH research can be tricky but we can help you understand what is involved and connect you to other researchers, helpful colleagues and supports.

Professional Development

Choose research-informed professional development. We can work with you to put together professional development programs for your team that are designed by OSH researchers for an OSH audience. OSH services are unique and need professional development designed and delivered by people who know OSH best.

Research project being conducted by Professor Kylie Smith and Dr Bruce Hurst from The University of Melbourne and Associate Professor Jennifer Cartmel from Griffith University

This research project aims to find out about how Outside School Hours services plan and program for gender equity. Outside School Hours services are unique and we want to understand what these changes mean and look like in practice. The research will do this by asking you to share your perspectives on the practices you employ in your service. It will also ask you about your knowledge and attitudes towards gender equity work with primary age children.